/v/scape Clues

Treasure trails assistant

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For coordinate clues, type the coordinate. E.g. (20.05n 21.52e)
For anagram clues, type the anagram text. E.g. (abas)
For cryptic clues, type the clue text. E.g. (hajedy)
For map clues, type "m", followed by the clue ID. E.g. (m2716)

Thanks to Randy Marsh for maintaining the /v/scape wiki. Making this was a lot easier since he standardized the whole layout.
Also not forgetting, the many other players who have contributed with accurate pictures and descriptions of the locations.
And the devs of /v/scape, pls update drops.json ffs smh fam how long has it been lads.
And Loopy216 you madman fisherman for companionship in comfy fishing village.